Thursday, August 1, 2013

Army Day & Leica X1 Project

celebrating the Army day and my new leica X1 ... to be followed by 30 pictures, one picture a day ... Enjoy & Evaluate ...

Happy Army day ...

... Part of my Desk ...

What you see is Exactly what you get, very satisfied Leica X1

thanks for posing, Son ...!!!

Relaxing under the Sun ... (always Leica X1)

REX, my new Caucasian shepherd dog, 3 months old

No Comments ... !!! 

... a Roof Tente ... ينعاد على الجميع بالخير والصحة والسلام

First Encounter ... !!!

I have no plans recently, so my Elia is always in front of Leica

... be optimist and evaluate the water quantity in the glass, and that's what i did ...

now my Desk, not part of it ... !!! 
NB. converting a picture to B&W with a little of post processing, gives you a real new dimension that could reflect your mood in some situation ... cheers

Old Bridge-Tripoli ...

... After the permission of you Mrs. Elyssar Najem Zahr ...(photographed by Rodrigue Zahr)

Door Lock, and it's Handle ... !!!

it was a splendid cool evening after an ooffy hot day ... w abou greig m7alla l sahra ... cheers

An amazing place and a reliable camera ... you get what you want ... !!!

... chez Karam's ... it was an awesome evening, i will show you the whole set later ... (day 20)

Msayl7a Castle .. a small one, lately, a research has revealed that the Ruler at that time has built it for his Mistress to protect her town, after, they use it as a joint castle ... heh eh heik l 7oub bikoun ... !!!

Relaxing ... !!!

it was a simple view from my home entrance, i convert it to B&W with a little processing ... i like what i did ... and you ???

Release your imagination just a little and Voila your image will pop up straight before your eye, definitely my Leica X1 helps me a lot ...
NB. i am not a brand addict, but really LEICA deserve it's reputation ...

behind the Coulisse ... @ Karam's

Gladiating the Wind ... !!!

Me and my wife we've been hit by a virus or a spam post from a source called ERKAN, so DO NOT OPEN IT ... and this candle is for the healing process ... thank you

very warm sun rays at dusk hitting a giant palm trees, it was a splendid evening ... !!! feel the mood ???

love the composition ... the lines, the cross and the bell's triangle ... !!!

i would like to finalise this project with a wide lovely smile (Mrs Joelle Skaff Jabbour).
until the next one, stay safe ... CIAO

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