Monday, January 13, 2014

Leica Syndrome ... Got Infected !!!

... It was a 3 hours walk inside an old renewed town called Batroun-North Lebanon, with 2 friends of mine which one of them (Edgard), brought with him the Leica M 8.2 and 2 lenses the Zeiss Biogon 25mm 2.8 and the Leica summarit 50mm 2.5 TO TEST IT, actually it was the first time i touch, play with the M ... a rock, brick whatever you gonna call it, i love what is in my hands, and later the IQ of this photographical machine even it is the old flagship of Leica (2008) ... so, now and through the walk i am using the M 8.2, Edgars the new M 240 and finally Rodrigue my cousin the X Vario, 3 Leica users/Addict walk these old/new streets. too many people was there of course and most of them guessing that we are using an old film cams. anyway we had a nice journey, decent conversation with nice people offering a great hospitality ... here it come the images, and your C&C are the most welcome ... !!!
                                                                                                                                           "Leica M 8.2"

    ... Actually there is no light in this scene ... !!!

    ... his studio place ... !!!


    ... the backyard ... The Ruin of a Roman Stadium !!!

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